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Sinergi Profile
Bussiness Address : Jl. Kaji No. 19-21 Jakarta Pusat 10130
Telephone : (021) 6304551 - 6304554
Facsimile : (021) 6304555
Email :
Type of Bussiness : - Networking Bussiness (Multi Level Marketing)
  - Beauty and Beverages (Conventional)
Brand Name : SINERGI
Product Category : Health Food Suplement
Pricing : Affordable
Customer Profie : Middle Down
Product Ethnicity : Trace Mineral Influence
Target Market : All Ages
Demographic : Local population
Existing Stockiest : Sumatra, Java, Bali, Kalimantan, Sulawesi
Sinergi Founder
- Robby Arif was borned on August 17, 1956.
- He started to get involved in Network Marketing since 1986.
- He established his own MLM company in 1993.
- He supports and trains MLM companies in a few Asian countries.
- He is also an experienced motivator in Human Resources Development.
- Own global Vision for Network Marketing to make it as a precious and high value to the human being life.
- In 1996 he was chosen as an Indonesia Best Executive by Yayasan Citra.
- In 1997 he was invited by Indonesian President Bpk. Soeharto Negara as a Nation Man who serves   Indonesia.
- In 2006 Mr. Robby Arif was chosen as an Indonesian Best Executive by YPPI.
In 2006 chosen as an Indonesian Best Executive of the Year by YPPI
History of Sinergi
1. Sinergi short background
Started by the strong willing to become a Blessing Channel after success as a member (Earn Income 40 million Rupiah), then PT. Sinergi Plasindo Dinamika was established on September 11, 1993.
2. In 1998 Monetary Crisis
Indonesia Crisis monetary cause many Indonesia companies get bankrupt because of Rupiah exhchange rate, PT. Sinergi also felt the impact of it. Based on the strong products and good services, at last PT. Sinergi could overcome the crisis.
3. The Rise Up Year 2002
Sinergi developed their management and equiped their technology with better hardware and software technologies.
4. At the new era of years 2003 - 2006
At the end of 2006, Sinergi determined to fix their internal management. It shows that PT. Sinergi has strongly excuisited their procedural management system. By the end of 2006, Sinergi has chosen as one of "The best 12 MLM" company.
"Sinergi Eagle" Logo

Symbolized with eagle that soars high,
ready to grasp upon its prey, with sharp eyes,
powerfull vigor and broad horizon.
PT. SinergiPlasindo Dinamika, "Trace Mineral Sole Distributor" for Asia
On September 17th 2006, PT. SinergiPlasindo Dinamika has officially become the only distributor of Concentrace Mineral-Utah Product for Asian Region. Marked by the coorporation assignment between Robby Arif (owner of PT. SinergiPlasindo Dinamika) with Mitch Shawn (official owner of Great Salt Lake) which was held on the 13th Birthday celebration of PT. SinergiPlasindo Dinamika. This makes Sinergi's step getting more persistence to become the pioneer of Trace Mineral entering in Indonesia. On auspices of Robby Arif, Sinergi more firmly step forward.
MOU between Robby Arif and Mitch Shawn (official owner of Great Salt Lake)
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